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    I started having sex with my dad when I was about 10-12. He first fucked me when I was 12. This continued until I left home and started a life of my own.

    Dad and I had sex at home and in many other placyes. But one of the most memorable sessions which dad and me had was in our church. I was about 16 at the time.We worked at our tasks for a while, but dad indicated that he wanted my ass.

    We found a room and dad told me to get naked and he did.. I always got a charge out of seeing Dad naked, with his 7 in cock sticking out from his bush. Dad then rolled out one of the carpet strips and lay down of it on his back. He spread his legs down along the carpet and took hold of his cock and held it straight up.

    I walked over to him and took the Vaseline jar out of his hand and lifted a liberal amount of grease out with a couple of fingers. I quick greased up Dad’s cock and my asshole and climbed over his belly and settled my asshole down around Dad’s cock for a good “Dad fucking.” I was about 16 at the time and Dad had been fucking me regularly since I was 12, so I had no trouble taking his man cock up my hole. It slid in like a knife cutting hot butter “We fucked for a good 15 or 20 minutes, then Dad shot his load up my ass. I was jacking off while he was fucking me and at about the time he shot his cum up my butt I shot my own wad over his chest. We knew we had to be careful so we quickly dressed and left the storage room without anyone knowing about our fuck session.

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